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Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless networks can be affected by several potential breaches because they are the easiest entryways for external attackers. We equip you to set up advanced security parameters to discover vulnerabilities and immediately fix them.

Architecture and design of wireless networks based on best practices

Identify possible outages and critical IT resource constraints

Prevention of decryption, connection hijacking, content injection, etc.

What we offer ?

Configuration and Policy Reviews

We prevent coordinated attacks on your wireless networks by reviewing the configuration settings and helping define the right policy.

  • Assess authentication and authorization vulnerabilities
  • Simulate encryption cracking and rogue access point attacks
  • Check for fake wireless networks

  • Topology mapping

    We help map your wireless network architectures detailed threat impact assessment and offer a topology view to be proactive about security.

  • Monitor your wireless networks in real-time
  • Pinpoint weak and heavily-trafficked areas
  • Meet regulatory compliance guidelines

  • Continuously protect your wireless networks in real-time

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