Who we Are

Passionate and innovative individuals who have teamed up to provide a magical experience in the digital world for both you and your customers. At Infoziant we are committed towards our clients' success. We align ourselves with our clients’ fiscal and non-fiscal goals and work towards achieving them. We take on clients' responsibilities. so that they can relax and focus on the core businesses. Entrust training, web designing, development and other online marketing needs on us. and spend valuable time in building business.


    The Global Diversity Vision is an inclusive environment in which we leverage diversity toachieve company business objectives and maximize the potential of individuals and the organization.


    Our mission is to achieve meaningful social and business outcomes by mobilizing intellectual capital, resources and expertise to help non-profits overcome strategic,operational and financial challenges.

Why information need to be secured ?

Infoziant is highly promoting Security services which provide the most trusted and comprehensive security assessments available in the IT security industry. Infoziant's Security services addresses mission-critical security challenges faced by the organizations.

Information technology that it uses, its personnel, the area in which it does business, its physical location - all these have an effect on information security the information technology that it users, its personnel, the area in which it does business, its physical location. Each individual that interacts with an organisation in any way - from the potential customer browsing the website, to the managing director; from the malicious hacker, to the information security manager.


Web Application Penetration Testing evaluates the vulnerabilities of web applications by analyzing the unshielded defenses within the web applications, which are widely used in all enterprises today. We identify security vulnerabilities present in an organization development.


Network penetration testing process is a combination of automated and manual techniques to identify security flaws. Our testing simulates the efforts of a real hacker and various approaches to access confidential data through vulnerabilities in computer networks.

Our Services


Information Security

Our Information Security courses are designed to create security awareness amongst users, enhance skill sets.

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Web Development

Web apps-be it hybrid or simple ones, trust our skilled professionals bring up the best solution for your company and business.

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Android App Development

With every alternate person owning a smart phone, you definitely do not want to be left behind in reaching out to your customers.

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IOT & Embeded Systems

This Specialization covers embedded systems, the Raspberry Pi Platform, and the Arduino for building devices can control the physical world.

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