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Mobile Security Assessment

Infoziant’s mobile application security services deliver the whole nine yards of protection against data theft, reverse engineering, and other prevalent attack vectors.

Mobile Security Requires Equally Fluid, Maneuverable Strategies

The best mobile security solution always takes into consideration the fact that almost any app can have numerous security flaws that can easily be overlooked. These threats may doom the project even before the start of the app development process. Plenty of real-world cases only prove this. We tackle these problems head-on by conducting mobile app security testing and assessment for both iOS and Android apps, besides implementing a myriad of other preventive tactics that can give you invaluable risk insights.

Anticipate and shoot down potential threats to your mobile app’s security.

Prevent losses that may arise as a result of attacks.

Maintain your brand’s reputation for upholding user data protection.

Learn to lay better foundations for maintaining optimal security in your future app projects.

What to Expect from Our Service ?

We will conduct full security checks of your Android or iOS app. We use automated vulnerability scans and advanced manual application security assessments to ensure comprehensive monitoring and vulnerability detections. All our services adhere to OWASP ASVS testing frameworks, which is the gold standard for managing mobile application security risks.

Want to better fortify your Android app?

You can do so by:

  • Working with our specialized team of VAPT experts and cutting-edge tools to help boost your mobile app security.
  • Allowing us to identify and eradicate vulnerability flaws. We’ll also send you regular consolidated reports on potential risks.

  • Are you having doubts about your iOS app’s ability to address threats?

    We’ll quell them by:

  • Identifying exploitable security issues.
  • Enabling secure extension of business applications on iOS platforms.
  • Protecting the integrity and security of sensitive, business-critical data.

  • Want to further reinforce your app’s security and enjoy broad-spectrum protection?

    With the help of OS hardening, we will:

  • Develop a secure path for software upgrades, patches, among others.
  • Tighten security configuration settings.
  • Build reusable OS hardening templates.

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    What Makes Infoziant’s Mobile Security Service Unique?

    We are very much results-driven

    So we settle for no less than a zero-compromise

    Anticipatory approach to boosting app security.

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