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Security Incident, Event Management and Threat Intelligence

Maintaining and accelerating your business uptime is interlinked to your Level of Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) approach. We enable you to monitor your infrastructure, including all systems and applications, to protect against existing and potential threats.

24/7 infrastructure management and governance, with fast response time

Real-time network performance monitoring, with event correlation

Advanced SIEM monitoring (including IDS/IPS and AV) and reporting

What we offer ?

Network design

We enhance the security efficiency of your network with a priority-based risk-resolution approach.

  • Get in-depth vulnerability and penetration assessments
  • Leverage business impact analysis
  • Implement proactive detection monitoring architectures

  • Firewall Configuration

    We secure all firewalls, switches, and routers while checking for vulnerabilities, administration flaws, and non-compliance.

  • Reviewing firewall rules and configurations
  • Remediate firewall security vulnerabilities and resolve misconfigurations
  • Align to exclusive enterprise preferred requirements

  • Patch Management

    We equip you to auto-update security patches across your systems and applications and significantly reduce user efforts.

  • Schedule vulnerability scans
  • Harness active and passive scanning modes
  • Bridge security gaps while increasing usage of critical apps

  • Infoziant User Behavior Analysis

    We unlock deep learning techniques to manage user behavior to identify security threats and understand the implications..

  • Build behavioral baselines across individuals or teams
  • Get transparency into potential threats caused by behavioral anomalies
  • Reduce internal pressure on security monitoring

  • Infoziant Threat RiskScore

    We help you create a tailor-made risk scorecard to evaluate threat implications on your operations, employees, or customers..

  • Assess cyber risk posture with actionable tasks
  • Conduct self-assessment with a defined roadmap
  • Create extensive audit trails for future-proofing

  • Be top of your SIEM goals with an extra layer of threat intelligence

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