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IOT Health Care Monitoring



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Patient weight and height measurement is a key measure for safe medication management and monitoring of patients. Sometimes it is used for drug dosages and assess fluid balance. The main need is to find people who were frail, underweight or obese to assess their nutritional needs. Blood pressure is another factor measured in hospitals. Here we designed a height ,weight and BP measurement machine using IoT.

In Hospitals they will measure the height,weight,and BP parameters separately and make a note of it, for that it will take bunch of time and also these parameters and measured using various device and it is not portable too . Our IOT based physical body measurement reduce the man work and time consumption, which can plays a major role in Hospitals, Medical labs and Medical camps.

Color White with Blue
Type Automatic measurement
Machine Height 230cm
Total Weight 21KG
Technology used IoT
Power supply 12v DC
Frequency 40Hz
Current rating 1.5Amp
Display 20x4 Blue LCD Display
BP Meter Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse rate
Temperature (95 to 110F)
Height measurement 200cm
Weight measurement 200KG
  • Easy installation
  • Portable
  • User Health report updated in server automatically.
  • Manual data entry is avoided.
  • User are identified by a separate ID using Barcode Reader.
  • Measures Height, Weight, BP, BMI, Temperature (within two minutes).
  • Thermal printer attatched.
  • Max Level of Weight/Height-(180KG/200CM)