Online presence is a necessity more than a luxury with increasing users on smart phones and tablets every day. With more and more businesses competing for customer attention, you need to carve a niche for your company and leave a strong digital footprint of your brand. You need a website that calls for attention, tops the search engine rankings, aesthetic and highly responsive. Whether you are a startup business owner or an established conglomerate, at Infoziant, we have solutions for everyone at a competitive price.

There are several aspects involved in development of a website online which starts from designing a website to marketing the brand. At Infoziant,we provide you with a holistic solution encompassing all these different factors, starting from building a responsive website to devising strategies for online marketing, at an affordable price.

Our services

Offering a comprehensive and effective management of various departments in a company, ERP solutions have gained immense popularity. However, these are predefined software which need not necessarily fit for every business. You need to tailor it to suit your workflow and processes to make the most out of the package.
At Infoziant, we offer you customized packages which can single-handedly replace your manual and multiple software workflows, providing you a single solution to address all your business requirements. We help automating and streamlining your processes, designing a centralized system to generate, interpret, analyze information from various sources, ensuring that you are better equipped to make strategic decisions.

    ERP Modules which we offer :
  • » HR-Leave Management
  • » Finance –Payroll Management System
  • » Inventory Management System
  • » Invoice Management System
  • » Online Tracker

Designing an eye-catchy website is not truly daunting as much as making the website responsive. Even a stylish website if not responsive might create a wrong impression. Customers do not have the time and the inclination to wait forever for receiving a response. You need a backend code that will work in sync with the front-end design.
With passionate and highly skilled programmers, who are well-versed and certified in multiple programming languages like .Net, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc., Infoziant is your ultimate destination for all web applications, complex or simple. We understand the importance of responsiveness and strive hard to deliver a design that will not just attract customers but will help retain them as well. The websites we have developed are known for their lesser waiting period and faster loading times. We offer all kind of web app development solutions like Open cart, e-Commerce, social networks, etc.

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, people carry the world in their pockets. Mobile apps have become dominant in almost every industry including health, real estate and finance. When developing mobile apps, you need to ensure that you reach all your potential customers, whether they are on an Android platform or iOS or Windows. At Infoziant, we offer multiple services under mobile apps including individual apps for different platforms like Android or iOS and also hybrid app development services.
We also cater to those who are looking for a single solution across multiple platforms. If you want to reach out to customers across platforms, you don’t have to develop individual apps. We can design a single app that is compatible across platforms and is in perfect sync with your website.

There is nothing that works better than a visual description to leave an everlasting footprint in the minds of your consumers. Brand image is more about how people visualize your product and creating the design that leaves a strong imprint is therefore of utmost importance. The concept and technology surrounding Graphical designs are constantly evolving and you need the assistance of a team that can meet the demands of both the changing market and evolving technology.
At Infoziant, we offer you professional and best quality graphic design services that will take your marketing campaign up by a huge notch. We interpret the design in your mind onto the paper and later onto the various visual medium. With our graphical designs, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression, in print, in media and in the web. Our designs are compatible across the different sources of marketing, online and offline.

With every customer glued onto their smart phone or laptop for everything, just a mere presence on the internet is not enough. You have to drive a strong campaign online to ensure a better reach of your brand to your target customers. Online marketing is the next gen marketing technique and it encompasses a whole gamut of technology and procedures to achieve the end result.
Be it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMM (Social Media Marketing) or SMO (Social Media Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or any other form of online marketing techniques, you can trust Infoziant to provide you with a solution that will last the test of time. Our team strives to provide you futuristically designed websites, which are responsive, customer-centric and are SEO rich. With SEO rich website, you can be sure to top the charts on any search engine, whatever is their ranking algorithm. Our social media experts will help launching an effective campaign across every available social media platform to improve your brand presence and brand awareness online.

Looking to make your static web page , dynamic and more responsive? Then what you are looking for Rich Internet Applications or RIA. You can easily change portion of your website without actually reloading the entire website and improve the overall performance by means of RIA.
At Infoziant, we have a team of well certified and trained experts, who have both the experience and the exposure to multiple technologies like AJAX, Flex, Adobe Flash, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) and more. Furthermore, it can help you to improve the performance of your server and your overall application. Reach out to us for upgrading your traditional apps to a more modern version without compromising on the design.